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Looking for a very OLD Fic
I have been going back and finding some great Spuffy fics recently and I have one story in mind but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. IT is where Buffy was in a fight and put in a coma and Spike was the only one to stay and take care of her? I thought I found it today but it was not the right one. Does anyone remember the name or the author?

Elysian Field site?????
Does anyone know why the site is down? I am looking for my Spuffy fix for the night...

PLEASE READ Information and become educated before you VOTE
I don't normally get on my soapbox here and I have been away but for the past week I have been very frustrated.

Why on why didn't the President call Romney on his 'untruth' should I say:

1-I am prolife by nature but I KNOW that for some people it is a hard choice.  I would never flip on that.  When Romney was running for Govenor he was prochoice and RoevWade should be upheld.  then in the primary he was prolife....now it would seem he is prochoice but then his 'campaign spokesperson' said he would sign a personhood bill.  WHICH is it???

2-he was on Jay Leno and said that he would not support per-existing conditions... If you can't afford insurance because it is HIGH sometimes you have to make that choice to feed your family or have insurance.  Then last week he said he support per-existing.. NOT TRUE.... If you lose your job and can't afford to keep it on your own and you are uncovered for 3 months, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK..

3-he is for an overall 20%cut across the board. If you just use math that is 4.9trillion on the debt.  There are not enough deductions to make that neutral. No matter how you look at it.  I hated math and in school I learned how to use shortcuts but math is still addition and subtraction.

4-Romney has a healthcare plan but he wants the states to do it.  Now how will that work when you have one of the largest states stop taking federal funds because they didn't want to cover planned parenthood in Texas.  People use those facilities for basic healthcare.  You now have some people going across the border for morning after medicine and emergency medicine because TX makes you jump through hoops to have a medical procedure.  People are getting sick and dieing because TX wants to be right.

5-Ryan said that for people to get out of poverty that they need to be taught character and responsibility. WTH?

For all of the hoopla and I admit that I am a political junky PLEASE READ and educate yourselves on the issues.  From Romney's mouth "the devil is in the details".... That is why people NEED TO KNOW THE DETAILS.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for, really I am not.  I am an Obama supporter BUT I want people to exercise th right to vote 1-before they take it away but vote your conscious and for YOUR right reasons.

My prayers go out to those in Aurora, CO
There is no reason for violence in this world..

Take time out to say 'I love you' to your loved ones and family members.

My concern for this election
I hate when I get to work from home and I actually see all of the SuperPAC and outside organizations putting up commercials.  I HATE that outside money is being allowed and used in an abundance.  They can say and spin whatever they want and there is really not a loud enough voice to contradict it.  If you are a billionaire and you don't like someone (for whatever reason) you have the ability to just fund a hate project.  Don't even get me started on the national side, but even here in NC for amendment 1 for Traditional Marriage.  First of all, same sex marriage is illegal in NC, but they started to push the envelop too far.  So now with all of this radio commentary and commercials, there are some people who WERE covered by insurance who are now NOT.  You have some people that have been together for 20 years, who no longer have the benefits they are entitled.  The state used to have a common law marriage here.  If you were together and living in the same residence either 10-15 years, you were basically married without the paper.  But now all of that is null and void.  

So with what NC did with all of the money that was pored into this state on one issue, I am just scared with what will happen to us (all of America) when people just watch TV and not actually do any research.  Whatever your preference, Republican, Independent or Democrat, just research your standpoint and make a knowledgeable decision in your local, state and/or national options.

Game of Thrones...
I don't have HBO because I just think cable/dish is just too expensive as it is, but I have a friend who signed up to just watch TrueBlood.  He gave me his HBOGO signin and I have spent the last couple of days watching season 1 and season 2 of the series.  IT IS FREAKING AWESOME.  I have always loved period pieces like that and all of the backstabbing and conspiracies.  I just love it.  I hope he keeps HBO when/if season 3 starts so I can stay up to date.

Every time I do this, I say that it is the last time but I don't like to whine here...I have used this site for good time and to just meet some great people.  Personally I have been in an rut for the past couple of months, but I am working on coming out of it.  I wish that EVERYONE has an awesome spring and I will be happy when things are better.  you have to start with what makes you happy and I am determined to get back to my happy place.

My faith means a lot to me but I don't wear it on my levee.  But I really do want to tell everyone that I hope they have an awesome day today.

Long time no hear
So it has been forever since I posted on LJ and my year has been crazy.  But the really crazy was this weekend with my niece's birthday.  SO Riley is officially 1 and that was exciting but the drama of getting it together was a little much .  But the only thing that mattered was that she had a good time and my family was happy.  So with all of that in the works I had my VCR die on me.  YES I SAID VCR... We just have basic cable so I can't get a DVR but I don't want to miss my shows.  So what have I been doing all night??? Trying to figure out who if ANYONE still carries them augh. Well I hope everyone is doing well.  I will be around more often,

Just swinging by to say HI.. I have some birthdays that I have missed so I will come back to post.  But overall I hope that everyone had a great day.